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PRECIOUS OBJECT Ideas on glass

Mira Glass offers a wide range of small glassware and decorated with fine, charming design. The cutting and annealing processes add a soft, streaked effect, making these objects unique and of great aesthetic value.
The possibility of personalization ranges from the most disparate forms and shapes of the glass itself, hearts, stars, ... tailor-made shapes, to the choice of images, photographs or drawings to print, provided by the customer or proposals from us, to make each precious, unique and personal item.

The wide range of usage ranges from business gadgets to gift for events such as anniversaries, ceremonies, weddings , ... to the most varied gifts and extravagant, and even beautiful furnishing items your home.

This fine material (glass) is enriched with decorations like digital print of an image and various lacquers to fix the decoration in the back and get light, color and unique reflexes (transparent, satin, silver, mother-of-pearl, ...).
Mira Glass therefore proposes a series of articles: magnets and glass brooches, hearts, jewels, watches, small squared pictures for ornaments on furnitures, and plates.


Per i preventivi descrivi nel dettaglio l'elemento che desideri e, se possibile, lascia un recapito telefonico nel caso di precisazioni veloci.
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