Mira Glass has a long experience in the field of glass processing and decorated glass, an experience that allows us to offer our customers the best possible quality of product and service.

We provide our customers with a wide range of services from technical advice, measurement and design, up to assembly on site and all the expertise and passion of our experts to accompany you in the search and customization of your needs


  • Consulting for glass printing


  • Design for glass printing


  • Digital images elaboration

    Graphic processing

  • Shipping and Delivery

    Shipping and Delivery

  • Installation of glass creations


  • Glassware works

    Third party works

  • Consulting

    We offer a consultancy service for glass processing both for individuals and companies.
    Thanks to our efficient and quality production system, developed through years of experience, we can offer a complete service of management and consulting regarding materials and techniques of realization of the works as well as the possibility of supervision and control of the production process for similar companies that work the glass.


  • Design

    We take care of guiding the customer through the choice of the most efficient, innovative and quality solutions to best realize his projects.
    A group of experts in the field studies designs and proposes tailor-made solutions to best meet every single design need in the field of glass furniture.

  • Graphic Processing

    Mira Glass provides a graphic processing service for decorated glasses, offering visual solutions of high aesthetic quality designed specifically for the needs of the customer.
    We also offer a large Images Collection of subjects for printing on glass and decorations designed in particular for the decorated glass such as frosted or painted glass.

  • Shipping and Delivery

    We make home delivery or shipment of the product with packaging in wooden crates, ensuring a safe and fast service.
    We provide an efficient and quality shipping service at national and international level.

  • Installation

    We provide a complete service of surveying measures and possible construction of templates and special shapes at the homes / facilities of our customers, with subsequent installation of glass objects made (doors, fixtures, windows, etc ...)
    It is also available the use of truck cranes for special assembly in the situations that need them.


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