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HOME FURNISHING Creatively decorate with glass

Transparent, bright and crystalline, the glass is a highly versatile, pure and elegant material that can enhance the design of any interior and / or interior decoration making it unique and luminous.
This material is increasingly appreciated especially in minimalist design homes, which is also ideal for the bathroom and kitchen environment thanks to its hygiene properties and cleanliness.

Mira Glass therefore deals with the design, manufacture and installation of glass for Home Furnishings , Bathroom Furniture , Office Furniture and Complements which doors, glass walls, shower cubicles, office boxes, separators and dividers, mirrors, top kitchen, washbasins, tables, decorative panels, shelves, teak, flooring and wall coverings.

Transparent glass offers brightness and visual connection between the rooms while the satin or decorated glass adds a pleasant aesthetic appearance, depending on the desired effect type, and guarantees privacy between the spaces.
Mira Glass's accomplishments allow a complete customization of the furniture item, thanks to the ability to decorate and digital prints directly on glass of images or photographs chosen by the customer.

The range of glasses offered by Mira Glass to meet all your needs includes both " Traditional" glasses, transparent, extra-light, smoky, bronzed, mirror, and " decorated glasses "Customized through lacquering, satining, shaping or partial finishing, digital printing, artistic decorations, inserts.

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