RELIGIOUS Antique and modern art stained glass windows

Glass is a valuable material with a great aesthetic value that enriches and enhances the environments in which it is used, ending in multiple designs.

Stained glass windows always fill the sacred places with their charms: from stained glass and leaded windows to cathedral windows, to colored glass rosettes.
With Mira Glass you can fill new light and color these places with new and functional techniques that reproduce and reminisce the charm and preciousness of these works, enriching them with special treatments.

We therefore propose in the field of sacred art to create artistic stained glass for places of worship, religious buildings, sacred furniture and finally sacred objects assisting and advising the buyer with expertise and long-term experience.

Thanks to the knowledge and technology acquired over years of experience and research, you can customize with a variety of workmanships that guarantee the desired result.
It is possible to create stained glass windows that reproduce existing artwork or follow a new study and image design pathway in agreement with the buyer.

With transparent or satin smooth surfaces, decorated with paint or digital printing techniques, the applications are really many, the search and the care of which produces highly suggestive works.


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